SwimFin | #LittleFins2019 | REVIEW

SwimFin | #LittleFins2019 | REVIEW

Disclosure: I was kindly gifted one SwimFin and the Floaties in exchange for an honest review and as part of our brand ambassadorship with Swimfin for 2019. All opinions and photographs are my own. 

As a child I was lucky to have weekly swimming lessons at school, and since growing top and having my own children both me and my husband both love the water and have always encouraged our children to swim. This went well with our eldest Izzie, now 9 who had lessons and was a total water baby, but failed slightly with our second child Ollie, now 6 who just wasn’t keen. As he’s grown his water confidence certainly hasn’t, he isn’t even a fan of having his hair washed, hates being splashed and in the pool would cling to us like a baby monkey. Child number 3, Mason, now 4 has proven to be the total opposite and is over confident, trying to fling himself in water at every opportunity and insisting that he doesn’t need arm bands, despite not being able to swim. As a result this made taking the three of them (and now four with baby Ottilie) swimming a rather stressful experience.

Izzie was taught with arm bands (luckily not the old fashioned inflatable kind) and is now pretty confident without them, but both both hated how restrictive they were.

When we were asked to be brand ambassadors for SwimFin this summer I jumped at the chance. Mason was excited to pick an Orange SwimFin (his favourite colour but they are available in 8 different colours) and we also picked some Funky Floaties (neoprene toys that float in the water), as I remember when Izzie had lessons she used to love it when they threw things for her to swim to and bring back.

When the SwimFin arrived and we opened it, Ollie immediately took interest and so I quickly ordered a second one for him (in the grey colour) as he seemed excited about trying it. Izzie was a bit cross as she wanted one too. SwimFin is a fun safety swimming aid for all ages, that is worn high on the back to support the child in the water. If worn correctly the fine ill not tip the child forward, and the more submerged in the water it is the more support it gives. The more horizontal the child gets, the more the Swim fin will show above the water, as they need less support. It is also ‘multi-stroke’ functional and can be used to learn front crawl, breast stroke, back crawl and butterfly.

Both boys had tried them on at home first and I was impressed with how easy and quick they were to fit on – simply strapping and fixing the velcro strap around the boys torsos so that the fin was o their back, and they were both excited to try them.

We finally got to take them swimming, and I was so happy to see how excited Ollie was to get in the pool. I wasn’t sure if the fins would take some adjusting to, but within seconds of being in the water both boys were happily paddling away.

Ollie loved it as it kept his face out of the water, and I was confident with Mason that he was safe as he could just pull it off like he did with arm bands.

Once they had been doggy paddling around for a while, we got out the Funky Floaties and threw them for the kids to swim to and bring back to us. They are made of neoprene and UV and water resistant. The longer the floaties were submerged they started to sink so were great for Izzie who went down to retrieve them. A quick squeeze out of the water and they were good to go again. There were four characters (a crab, penguin, dolphin and a turtle) and they came in mesh bag – perfect to transport them and to allow them to dry out afterwards.

The SwimFin’s were such a hit that it’s been requested (by Ollie!) that we go swimming again at the weekend, and after watching Izzie struggle a bit with her confidence as she’s been out of lessons for a while, I’ve ordered an extra (pink) SwimFin for her to try to help her get her confidence back a bit. They are such a clever and fun design and we are so happy to be working with them this summer. It actually brought tears to my eyes to see ollie enjoying the water and by the end he even tried jumping in – something he’s never done before, and so I think that speaks as a testament to the magical powers of the SwimFin.

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