{The Ordinary Moments} #6 Quarantine & Old Films

{The Ordinary Moments} #6 Quarantine & Old Films

Yesterday I was stressing a little. I love taking parts in the ordinary moments each week, and I love capturing photos for it. Only this week I’ve only taken a handful of photos, and none are the kind I like to take – natural light and outdoors.

Can you believe we’ve had ANOTHER week of illness. With three kids, I know they will invariably be poorly at different points, as they are all picking up germs from different places, but it has been constant in our house since the beginning of December. It has got to the point I honestly don’t believe there are any more germs for us to pick up.

I have, for the most part managed to avoid the germs, bar the sickness bug on Christmas day, but this week, the germs managed to drag me down too. Luckily Daddy has been left standing – and taking on the lions share of everything this week. As it stands, I haven’t left the house since last Monday.

Izzie came home from school last Friday, with her teacher coming out to tell me she had been complaining her tummy hurt. She went through the weekend with a temperature but seemed ok once the calpol had kicked in. Monday she seemed better and so went to school, but come tea time she kept saying she wasn’t hungry. Just after tea her poorly tummy started – it only went on for a a few hours, but obviously meant she couldn’t go to school until Thursday (due to the 48 hour d&v policy). She felt better by Tuesday afternoon and was totally back to herself luckily.

Mason was the next one to come down with it – his started on Thursday and lasted through till Friday – he also had a poorly tummy, and a temperature. He looked so sorry for himself and all he wanted to do was sleep. By Saturday he seemed a lot better luckily.

Friday morning I started being sick – I spent the whole day and night in bed, and am still not feeling great to be honest – it is Sunday now.

Ollie woke up this morning and is complaining of ear ache, and has done nothing but cry since he woke up.

I really wonder where it ends – surely we can’t come down with anything else now?!

As I’ve got no photos, I’ve taken some this morning of them sat snuggled on the sofa, watching Beethoven – one of my favourite childhood films. We’ve watched so much tv and movies this week, but it has been needed.

Tomorrow marks the start of half term, and I’m glad we have nothing planned as such – hopefully everyone will be feeling better so we can get out and get some fresh air, and enjoy not being in our usual routine (and hopefully take some lovely photos for next week).

So this has been our week – being poorly is definitely ordinary for us at the moment – its becoming a standing joke i start every post off with ‘this week we’ve been poorly again’. Everyone I seem to speak to says the same though – I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a germ free half term.

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The Ordinary Moments


  1. February 12, 2017 / 12:33 pm

    I hope everyone is feeling much better this coming week. Illness sucks, and you're right – with three of them it can feel fairly constant at times!

  2. February 12, 2017 / 2:08 pm

    Oh no sickness is tough! Especially when you are sick yourself too. I hope everyone is better for half term x #theordinarymoments

  3. February 15, 2017 / 1:46 pm

    This looks pretty much the same as our week – me and the kids all had a sickness bug through the week and I have seen enough sick to last me a lifetime. I hope your three are on the mend! x

  4. February 16, 2017 / 4:47 pm

    Oh it really is going around for everyone this half term. Seems like it just what go away bless you sending healthy vibes your way. Hope everyone is on the mend #ordinarymoments

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