The Siblings Project – June 2017

The Siblings Project – June 2017

I can’t believe we are now into June – halfway through 2017 already. The last month has flown by, in a blur of half term – a nice snotty one at that, sorting out the messy remnants of the kitchen renovation, various house projects, school functions and more ‘mum admin’ than I’d like.

This month I have enrolled Mason at preschool for next Summer – and woah didn’t I freak out. He is definitely not a baby anymore, although we are still really struggling with his speech – he just grunts and nods and shakes his head. He’s actually regressed, as he won’t say a lot of the words he could before – but I am starting to wonder if he’s doing it on purpose – the more I try to get him to talk, the more he giggles at me and runs away. It doesn’t help that he has an adoring brother and sister that pretty much talk for him – and will do anything he grunts for, or points at. We will keep persevering, but I have a feeling one day he will just wake up and start chattering away.

Izzie has been tripping along (literally, she’s so clumsy) in a blur of Brownies, Forest School, and homework – and any spare second she has, she loves being on the trampoline – perfecting all her different kinds of bounces that she makes up. She has gone for a couple of sleepovers in the last few months, and was a bit upset that she couldn’t have anyone here as we had no where to put them – along came super mummy with a new bunk bed, and i now have a very happy girl, who can’t wait for the summer holidays to have her first friend over to sleep! She has been working really hard at school, but it still comes with a lot of resistance – she would much rather be outside I think.

Ollie has been loving the better weather – although to him, it does just mean he can play Lego outside! He is definitely my more thoughtful child – don’t get me wrong, he can tear around with the rest of them, and is like a mini whirlwind 90% of the time, but when he has a project in hand, he is totally focused. This month, i’ve filled in his school registration forms, and bought his sweatshirts ready for September. July will bring his taster session at school, and whilst I can’t believe he is old enough, I know that he is more than ready to go.

As always the last term of the school year has been filled with sports days, various fundraisers and more homework. Daddy has also been working longer hours, which normally spells disaster as the kids normally play up, but totally to their credit they have been angels and really helpful whilst I’ve been trying to do everything and take over Ell’s jobs around the house too (not that he has many!).

I love these photos that we took on a family walk the other evening – although i actually had to get knee deep into the river to take some of them, it was totally worth it. I love this one of the kids shadows in the river.


This month Izzie is loving

*her new bunk beds

*sleepovers and playdates

*taking her Brownie Promise

This month Ollie is loving:

*playing football – he’s even asked for his own kit!

*playdates and lots of them

*chicken nuggets (not sure why, he just tells me very day that he loves them – just to note, eh definitely doesn’t get them every day!!)

This month Mason has been loving:

*being barefoot – not ideal on the school run

*doing the school run on his own scooter

*the Little Tikes cars

The end of June, and beginning of July, for us will bring a holiday, and lots more exciting family time – and I for one can’t wait – it will be so lovely to have a week with all five of us, away from every day life.

I love linking up with The Siblings Project every month – in fact I just popped back and looked at my first post from September 2016 – and it’s amazing to see how much they have grown in that short amount of time! You can see who else has linked up this month with Lucy at DearBeautiful by clicking here…

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