The Autumn School Run Wardrobe Essentials | Collaborative Post with

The Autumn School Run Wardrobe Essentials | Collaborative Post with

Once your child hits school age, as a stay at home mum, or working mum (or both if you are like me), you will inevitably have to tackle the school run at least twice a day.

During the winter, you end up battling the elements (along with your children if they are anything like mine)- there is wind and rain most days in the UK, and even when the sun is out it can still be bitterly cold.

I’ve picked out my ultimate school run essentials  that will see you through the colder months. I know some days doing the school run in your pjs is preferable, but with the right pieces you will be covered for all weathers – and hopefully feel like you’ve got your s**t together too – even when you really haven’t.

A Few Different Coats/Jackets…

I am a crazy coat lady. Anyone will tell you I LOVE my coats. I like a padded jacket for when it is super chilly (similar found here).

A quilted coat like this one always looks super stylish and is good for the early Autumn Days when it’s not too cold.

Finally you need a waterproof coat for when it’s raining – which feels like 90% of the time in the UK. Waterproof doesn’t have to mean frumpy either. I do get comments about looking like a fisherman in this coat, but whats better than a bright colour during the dark cold days?

Some ‘Smart’ Boots

A good pair of chelsea boots will take you through the winter, on the dry days. I’ve had these from Joules for 3 years now and they are still going strong. 

Some Waterproof Boots

Whether that be wellies, or river boots, a good pair of waterproof boots is key. My personal favourites are the Dublin River boots which I bought from Amazon. As you can see mine are well worn and loved.

A couple of good pairs of Jeans

I swear by a dark blue skinny pair and a black skinny pair that can be tucked into boots, and I rotate them. I always get my jeans from Next as they wear really well. It’s such a stereo typical ‘mum uniform’ but why mess with a good thing? 

A Pinafore Dress

Looking like an overgrown toddler is the way forward – they are practical, hard wearing and look like you know your fashion stuff. Paired with a stripe top, they are a winner. 

A Stripe Long Sleeved Top

I’ve lost track ofhow many of these I have. A good Breton will see you through most autumn days.

A Chunky Scarf

Always good for a dry day to keep you snuggly warm, and straight away it jazzes up an outfit.

A PomPom Hat

You loose a crazy amount of body heat through your head on a cold day. PomPom optional of course but I love them. 

Disclaimer: This post is a collaborative post with Lyst – a fashion aggregator website. They cover a HUGE selection of brands – an online window shoppers heaven.

All photos and opinions are as always my own.


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