Autumn Wishlist for Ollie

Autumn Wishlist for Ollie
Ollie has outgrown all of last years clothes except a few of his tshirts and a couple of jumpers. As he is going to be at preschool 4 mornings a week 9-1 he will mainly wear a preschool sweatshirt and jeans, a decent coat and shoes. However he does need some clothes for Thursday’s and the weekend, so these are my picks…shopping trip ahoy!!

Joules Long sleeve t-shirts £21.95 each  (Lion & Dinosaur) – I saw these the other day in store, and the mouths have a velcro opening, which is right up Ollie’s street. He has a few Joules t-shirts from last year and they’ve worn so well.
I also love this Orangutang tshirt £19.95 and this grey and navy stripe sweatshirt £21.95.
Next Jeans – I always buy the kids denim from Next and have done since they were old enough to wear jeans. Ollie needs plenty of pairs as he has the tendency to get VERY grubby, very quickly – typical boy, so I will probably get a few pairs of these. They have drawstring waists, which is extra handy, as Ollie has not long potty trained himself (yes he did it by himself with no accidents!!) – the drawstrings mean he can get them up and down easily by himself when at preschool.
Top Right – Midwash Jogger Jeans £13
Bottom Left – Dark Wash Pull on Jeans £9
Coats – I tend to buy a coat for preschool, and a smarter coat for the weekend. I love this Cairn pack away jacket – top left – (Izzie and Mason will also be getting these – see Izzie’s wish list) from Joules – it looks warm and it is machine washable. £37.95
My choice for Ollie’s smarter coat is this Quilted jacket from Next – I think he will look so cute in this! It is also shower resistant.


I am a huge fan of Chelsea boots, and its now Ollie’s turn to own a pair. These leather ones are from Next and in Ollie’s size are £29.
A puddle suit is a must have, as we own a very mucky crazy springer spaniel, and do a lot of muddy walks with him. This one from next is £22. I love the star print.
Ollie will be having a packed lunch at preschool 4 days a week – I had already bought him a lunchbox in the sale but then I saw this Fox lunchbag from Boden– I love anything with foxes on it, and one of Ollie’s favourite toys is a Jellycat fox so I thought he would love this – I’ve ordered it in time for the start of the new term. £19.50.
Lastly, Ollie’s wellies still fit him (just) but when he outgrows them, I think these Navy Tiger ones from Joules are fab! £24.95
All images are courtesy of the Next, Joules, and Boden websites

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