The Me & Mine Project – May 2017

The Me & Mine Project –  May 2017

Its the end of May already?!

May for the Brushneen household, has passed in a blur of dust, mess, dust sheets and more dust. As Ell has been fitting our new kitchen himself (and he’s done an amazing job), because he has only had weekends to get on with it, it seems like it has been going on forever!

The majority of the kitchen was in when I wrote our April post, but we were waiting on worktops. I can happily say it is now completely finished – except for the living room has now started!

Its been a boring old month, as every spare penny and moment has been spent doing things to the house. I’ve ended up feeling so guilty because the kids have not done anything exciting, and life has been mundane – school runs, mealtimes, and did I mention more dust?! On the other hand, now all the work is coming to an end, it means we can finally get to live life outside our four walls again. I cannot wait.

I’ve felt so overwhelmed with everything, that even my blog has taken a back seat, whilst I’ve been trying to juggle. Mess equals stress to me, and so I’ve struggled, and felt like a rubbish mum as a result – I’ve been grumpy and snappy and not fun. The awful attack on Manchester last week also affected me hugely – for days I was so tearful, and felt so guilty about the world I brought my children into. I also felt guilty that I had been stressing over such significant trivial things, when all those lovely families lost their loved ones. It is just heartbreaking. It definitely made me appreciate the smaller moments in life and realise how lucky we are.

We managed to get the majority of the kitchen finished in time for the littlest ones 2nd Birthday – and we had a lovely day celebrating with friends and family – I put the kitchen  to good use and we had a lovely afternoon tea. I cannot believe my tiny baby is 2!

A couple of days later, me and Ell celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary which we have deferred until we go on holiday, as we are planning to go out for a lovely meal whilst my mum and dad babysit.

This months photos were taken in a bit of a panic at the weekend. I realised we had taken no family photos this month – in fact very few photos at all. I had to put them in black and white, as due to our new dishwasher breaking down, there was a huge amount of kitchen related mess in the background. It did seem fitting to take our photos in our new favourite room though. When we looked back through them, Ell pointed out that me and him were pulling the same face as each other in the photos – thats what 8 years of marriage will do. Our faces perfectly capture how we’ve felt this month I think!

I honestly can’t wait for June – we are off on a family holiday to Charlestown, Cornwall, and as much as I love my new kitchen, I can’t wait to enjoy our little family outside of our house – I’m 99% certain there will be far less dust on holiday at least!

I love linking up with the Me & Mine Project each month as it pulls us out of our comfort zone, and means we get to record our months as a family. You can see who else has linked up with lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful this month here….

The Me and Mine Project

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