{The Ordinary Moments} #8 Mind The Gap Please

{The Ordinary Moments} #8 Mind The Gap Please

I wanted to start off this weeks Ordinary Moments saying, we nearly managed to make it through a week without any illness (yay!) until we got to Friday and Mason woke up looking like he had been in a fight – his eye was swollen shut, and he was very very irritable (hence him not complying for photos this week!!). A trip to the doctors diagnosed conjunctivitis, although we had to keep  close eye (no pun intended) on it, as apparently there is a type of eye infection that can be very dangerous if left without a different type of antibiotics. As I write this on Sunday, his eye is almost back to normal and Mason is in a much happier mood.

My ordinary moments photos this week, come courtesy of Izzie’s teeth. I took these photos on Saturday afternoon when the kids were having some quiet time, and Daddy was at football.  I always think when they start losing their baby teeth, they go from looking little and cute to little gappy and cute, and then all of a sudden their adult teeth start to come in, and their faces change.

All of a sudden Izzie is looking quite grown up – with plenty of gaps and teeth that at the moment seem way too big for her mouth. Izzie was a thumb sucker from the minute she was born, and I was petrified her second teeth would be really wonky as a result. Being a former dental nurse, I’ve seen how painful and lengthly orthodontics can be, and also costly.

Izzie stopped sucking her thumb halfway through Year One. She used to suck her right thumb and twiddle her earlobe with the other hand. It was very cute but soon started affecting her concentration and her writing at school, as she would either zone out, or not have a free hand to write with.

We tried everything to stop the thumb sucking, and failed miserably – for a while, the nail varnish that is meant to stop nail biting worked but eventually she grew used to the bitter taste.

The thing that finally stopped it in the end, was me making her wear a glove constantly for about a week – at night, and during the day. At the time we laughed and made jokes about her looking like Michael Jackson with her one glove, but it did work, and she hasn’t sucked her thumb since. As much as we wanted her to stop it was a sad moment when she did, as she grew up overnight.

I really struggle as a mum with my babies growing up – I am in total denial that she is 7 in less than 6 weeks – it seems like yesterday we were in the NICU with her, and then bringing her home.

The last week was pretty tough for Izzie. Despite me thinking that she had improved a lot on her handwriting and reading, the mid year school report that came home Friday said otherwise. As her mum, it was upsetting and very hurtful to read such negative comments about my childs abilities, and also angry that it hadn’t been flagged up that there was a problem before hand. We have parents evening on Tuesday and we are planning to address our concerns with the school then. Izzie admitted that sometimes she finds things hard, and doesn’t like to ask for help. That is Izzie all over – she would hate to think she was inconveniencing anyone, and we’ve explained to her she must ask for help if she is struggling. This is the first time I have really had anyone speak negatively about Izzie – and what upset me most is there was not a single positive thing in the report – surely it wouldn’t have hurt o comment on how well behaved and kind she is, rather than all the academic things she isn’t ‘reaching target’ on.

No matter how many big teeth she gets, or how tall she grows (unlikely as she is always going to be a little dot), she will always be my baby, my first baby and I will always be on her side. Me and Izzie will always be learning together and doing all the firsts together, and I hope she knows how much I have her back, and that we will always find something positive in everything she does.

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  1. February 27, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    Oh bless her. Try and put the report behind you as best you can – it seems like she is a wonderful little girl and there is much more to someone than just the academic things. She does look so quirky with the grown up teeth – she’ll grow into them eventually 🙂 x

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