The Siblings Project – August 2017

The Siblings Project – August 2017

August – how are we halfway through already? I swear each month it comes around quicker than the last.

August has been a lovely relaxed month for us. After the madness of the end of school and the sheer exhaustion from everything that went on, laid back August has definitely been very welcome.

I’ve loved having all three kids at home – and loved the reduction in shouting from not having to get out the door in the mornings.

We’ve spent our time playing at home in the garden when the weather has been ok (August, dude what’s the weather?), walking Harley, meeting with friends, playing games and doing craft, lazing around in front of the tv watching movies and having a family holiday to Cornwall.

This months shots were taken there (like last months actually, although in a different part of Cornwall). I’ve been obsessed with getting some golden light photos for a long time and where better than the beautiful Harlyn Bay near Padstow.

August has brought us surprisingly less sibling squabbles too – I was slightly apprehensive of the summer holidays as Izzie and Ollie have been falling out a lot in recent months. We’ve obviously had a few disagreements over what is on Netflix, but they have been so much better.

On holiday Izzie and Ollie shared a room (at home Ollie shares with Mason). In the mornings I would get up to find them snuggled under one of their duvets watching the tv, having got their own cereal out of the cupboard. It was lovely to witness them in a solitary moment of calm – and even lovelier that they were waking up Mason, who was a lot less grumpy as a result.

I think next month will bring a whole new dynamic when Ollie starts school with Izzie. Until now I feel like the boys have been closer as they’ve been at home together more, but I’m hoping that the older two being at school together will be a new special bond that they have.

Until then though I’m going to try and enjoy my last couple of weeks with them all at home – as long as they quit fighting over the tv!

This month Izzie has been loving:

*reading – I know I’ve said this a few times but she has picked a David Walliams book and is choosing to read for pleasure.

*Disneys Descendants 2 – namely dancing around to the songs – she wants to do Street dancing classes too!

*Getting called up on stage on holiday to do a tongue twister – she twisted it and it was so funny!

This month Ollie has been loving:

*Mummys Cooking – Ollie has been a fussy eater for quite some time now but two nights in a row he’s eaten a meal full of veg that I’ve cooked!

*Power Rangers – he loves all the different types and loves to tell anyone who will listen about them

*Ice Cream – on holiday he blew his ice cream budget so quickly as he kept ordering doubles to try all the flavours!

This month Mason has been loving:

*talking more – he is still not where he should be for his age but he is trying so much more and looks so pleased with himself when he gets it right

*duplo – Mason is all about the Duplo again this month – like Ollie he will play for hours building things

*the new living room carpet – funny one but he loves to sprawl across it when chilling out!

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  1. August 23, 2017 / 5:51 pm

    Oh these are just darling. What a great summer adventure too. I love that you still shared the crying snaps too. I do this with my littlest too it’s reality of siblings and parenting too. They still sounded like they had a great summer hope it ends on a high note for you all too. #siblingsproject

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